Global Economic Collapse and Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry

Global Economic Collapse and Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry

On the 18th of February 2011, the Cornel College Library introduced a quantum organic discovery by two Chinese language scientists from universities in Mongolia. The scientists used arithmetic to elucidate why proteins have been folded in an odd method inside DNA, in defiance of the twentieth Century’s scientific world-view.

An extract from the e book entitled, Science-Artwork and Human Survival Know-how, revealed a decade earlier by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia, had predicted the invention made by Liaofu Luo and Jun Lu. An extract from the e book mentioning mobile membrane follows. “Evolutionary route is offered by the continually altering shapes of the evolving protein, which when measured, demonstrates that it’s shifting towards common infinity.” This idea is in defiance of the Einsteinian world-view.

The properties of the liquid crystal optic building of the mobile membrane, at nano-scale, are thought-about to understand the existence of holographic actuality. This consciousness is transmitted to consciousness by means of endorphins making a Golden Imply sample recognition pleasure, involving an electromagnetic course of (the Greek Knowledge By way of Magnificence idea).

The altering protein patterns are recognized to be expressing elements of infinite fractal geometry, which, in historic Mesopotamia was known as sacred geometry. The geometry’s affiliation with the design of dwelling issues was taught to college students together with Leonardo da Vinci, throughout the fifteenth Century by Fibbonacci and Pacioli, once they launched Babylonian arithmetic to European civilisation.

Pacioli summed up this mathematical hyperlink to biology along with his well-known quote“Like God, the Divine Proportion is at all times much like itself “, that is recognized immediately to be an expression of the infinite property of fractal logic. Such design geometry is discovered within the building of dwelling issues, similar to pine-cones, sunflowers and pineapples. The Molecule of Emotion, found in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert, evolves by rising the pace of its molecular motion as an infinite fractal expression.

The Mesopotamian arithmetic can now be linked to an emotional Platonic Greek science known as The science for moral ends. Nevertheless, that specific science was derived, not from the Babylonian Thriller faculties, however from Mesopotamia’s historic Egyptian Thriller faculties, as was found by the mathematician, Buckminster Fuller.

Nanotechnology has revealed that the distinction between Fuller’s findings from the Egyptian faculties and the mathematical findings by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, derived from the Babylonian faculties, is vital. As Fuller famous, this distinction is about making a selection between Utopia or Oblivion.

Bertrand Russell’s hottest essay, written in 1904, entitled A Freeman’s Worship, insisted we should endure the continuous reign of chaos and despair related to Einstein’s world-view. Their shared world-view held that the second legislation of thermodynamics, recognized additionally because the legislation of common chaos, should at all times govern our scientific tradition. That legislation in fact contains the science upholding world Economic rationalism.

Russell and Einstein insisted that when the universe finally radiated all of its vitality out into chilly house, then all life within the universe have to be destroyed. Russell referred to this depressing finish to all the things, as a “Universe in thermodynamic smash.” Nevertheless, this idea has been confirmed to be incorrect.

The latest CERN experiment, revealed by the journal Nature, confirmed that dying novae within the Milky Means despatched cosmic radiation by means of hundreds of thousands of years of space-time to affect the event of life on earth. This cosmic radiation from novae within the Milky Means causes clouds on earth to provide rain. This discovery created chaos inside the European carbon credit score financial system, which is now on the purpose of collapse. A lot for world Economic rationalism.

The demise of a dinosaur in historic jasper fields produced a fatty acid liquid crystal cleaning soap, which, when uncovered to the identical cosmic radiation, started to show into jasper crystals. The sacred geometries may be noticed on this course of and mathematicians have revealed that the crystalline constructions kind infinite fractal logic statements related to historic mathematical mythologies.

The mindset of Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein may by no means have imagined that such a phenomenon may exist. Their scientific world-view would by no means have instructed to them the potential for utilizing arithmetic to discovery the related physics legal guidelines accountable for such a factor.

To them, no scientific clarification of how sacred geometry may account for the human legendary instinct that the dwelling course of proceeded towards infinity, would have been attainable. No fashions of life on earth, being related to the workings of an infinite holographic universe, are allowed for beneath their dictum, which held that finally all life within the universe have to be destroyed.

In 1990, the Australian Science-Artwork Analysis Centre’s mathematician found the brand new life vitality legal guidelines, which was revealed by the world’s largest technological analysis institute, IEEE-SPIE Milestone Sequence, as being one of many nice discoveries from twentieth Century literature. The Einsteinian death-wish legacy, governing Western tradition’s larger training system, merely prohibited mainstream science from investigating this discovery additional.

In 1995 a world peer evaluation evaluation of the invention, beneath the auspices of the Institute for Fundamental Analysis in America, introduced the invention of the Centre’s arithmetic as being related to new physics legal guidelines governing optimum organic development and growth by means of space-time. The Einsteinian world-view can subsequently be thought-about to be cancerous.

We are able to acquire an perception into why Western tradition is destroying itself, by evaluating the distinction between the worship of dominant spiritual deities of historic Babylon and of historic Egypt. Western arithmetic and physics related the usage of sacred geometries as belonging to the legendary worship of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, the Goddess of intercourse and warfare.

Betrand Russell in his autobiography, wrote, that in his adolescence he was very lonely and the one purpose that he didn’t commit suicide was his want to study extra about how historic arithmetic have been linked to metaphysical philosophy.

In Russell’s A Historical past of Western Philosophy, he does appear to raise the standing of the Goddess Ishtar, though the usage of sacred geometries to elucidate her legendary existence are extraordinarily advanced. He did nonetheless, turn into probably the most distinguished British advocate of ‘free love’, as was revealed inside his e book entitled ‘Marriage and Morals’.

His appointment as a professor on the Metropolis Faculty of New York in 1940 was annulled beneath a court docket order, which thought-about him morally unfit to show on the school. His first three marriages led to sordid public shame, however his angle to sexual behaviour gave the impression to be of much less relevance throughout his fourth marriage in his declining years.

Bertrand Russell was a brave one that acquired a Nobel Prize for his contributions towards free thought. His private intercourse life, related to Babylonian mathematical fable nonetheless, did relate to Western scientific thought. This turns into apparent once we examine Russell’s findings to Buckminster Fuller’s discoveries, which have been related to the worship of historic Egypt’s legendary Goddess Maat.

Maat was the Goddess of fact and wonder who prevented the universe from reverting to chaos. In Russell’s hottest essay, entitled A Freeman’s Worship, he advocated the alternative, a despairing, soulless worship of chaos itself, as outlined by Einstein’s incorrect definition of common chaos as being the Premier legislation of all science.

A comparability of the consequences of intuitive mythology upon the heath of Babylonian and historic Egyptian civilisations, reveals the enormity of the Russell-Einstein growth of Western science. A 1995 governmental report entitled Sexual attitudes, preferences and infections in Historical Egypt by Robert S Morton, reveals why world Economic rationalism is definitely on the level of collapse.

With ‘modification‘, the Fullerene medical science proposed by the 1996 Nobel laureates in chemistry can reverse this menace to world humanity. A United Nations mandate making certain that the administration of governments are to be guided by a Platonic-Fullerene medical ethos, would save the day. Aristotle’s idea of an moral medical science, for the well being of the universe, would offer for his ennobling authorities designed to forestall the destruction of civilisation, to turn into a actuality.

Ennobling authorities, by which folks strove to turn into personally accountable for continuous moral actions, judged by an moral medical science, would be capable of get hold of the supra-technologies that Fuller realised have been innate inside the Platonic Science for moral ends.

We are able to thank Pythagoras for his definition of religious liberty, which linked it to the character of sunshine from his research on the historic Egyptian Thriller faculties. Religious liberty is said to the electromagnet transmission of holographic consciousness from the mobile membrane, the All Seeing Eye, guiding human evolution. Thomas Jefferson had some instinct of this phenomenon when he depicted the Pythagorean idea of religious liberty on the Nice Seal of America.

Within the report about historic Egypt society being guided by worship of Maat, Robert Morton defined that historic Egyptian mummy autopsies revealed that the incidence of sexually transmitted illnesses was low in comparison with different Mesopotamian civilisations. Youngsters have been schooled in Maat’s teachings of fact and justice up till the age of 12-14 years, when at puberty they turned grownup. Morton notes “the absence of any recognition of adolescence as we all know and outline it”.

The report discovered that “the construction functioned efficiently by means of Ma’at and the social cement of the household”. Household contentment, real respect for motherhood, and a democratic existence inside their type of authorities, a profitable export market with taxes paid by pyramid building work, and a scarcity of adolescence revolt, appeared to stipulate a society that Morton thought-about we could effectively envy immediately.

The sacred geometrical fable of the Egyptian mind-set, fused mercy and compassion into the day by day lifetime of the populace, who wanted to be accountable for moral conduct with a view to be judged match for entry into an afterlife. Following the collapse of the Egyptian First Kingdom, on account of a protracted drought, the folks of the second Kingdom fused the ethics of mercy, compassion and justice into the material of political legislation.

Later Greek mathematicians added the advantage of Platonic love into their Atomistic Science of common love. That is in distinction to the scientifically unbalanced idea of recent Democracy, by which unethical greed by folks, who don’t really feel any have to be held accountable for their actions, accelerates social chaos.

Within the fifth Century AD, the custodian of the Nice Library of Alexandria, the virgin mathematician, Hypatia, was murdered by a rioting Christian mob and the library’s scrolls have been burnt. St Augustine declared all of the Mesopotamian sacred geometry arithmetic to be the work of the Satan, citing the Bible’s description of the Nice Whore of Babylon.

Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein grew up inside a society unaware of the truth that the dwelling course of was an expression of an infinite common fractal evolutionary course of. The faster that the United Nations establishes the brand new Platonic-Fullerene medical science to information ennobling authorities, the faster we will develop the human survival supra-technologies from the misplaced Science for moral ends.

© Professor Robert Pope.


Global Economic Collapse

A world financial collapse refers to a sudden and widespread breakdown of the world’s financial programs. It will possibly happen on account of varied causes similar to a extreme recession, an financial melancholy, a inventory market crash, or a monetary disaster. A world financial collapse can have devastating penalties on folks’s livelihoods, companies, and nations.

The latest instance of a world financial collapse occurred in 2008, when the subprime mortgage disaster in the USA triggered a worldwide monetary disaster. Banks and monetary establishments collapsed, and inventory markets around the globe plunged. This led to a extreme recession that affected many nations, and it took years for the world’s economies to recuperate totally.

There are a number of warning indicators that would point out a possible world financial collapse. One of the vital important is a excessive degree of debt, which may result in a monetary disaster if debtors are unable to repay their loans. One other warning signal is a inventory market bubble, the place inventory costs turn into overvalued and unsustainable, resulting in a pointy decline in inventory values.

A world financial collapse can have extreme penalties, similar to excessive unemployment charges, decreased financial development, and a rise in poverty ranges. It will possibly additionally result in social unrest and political instability, as folks turn into annoyed with their financial conditions and demand change.

To stop a world financial collapse, governments and worldwide organizations can take a number of measures. One method is to manage monetary establishments and be certain that they function inside protected and sustainable limits. Governments may also scale back debt ranges by implementing fiscal insurance policies that promote accountable borrowing and spending.

One other method is to extend worldwide cooperation and coordination, similar to by means of organizations just like the Worldwide Economic Fund and the World Economic institution. These organizations can present monetary assist and recommendation to nations in want, serving to to stabilize their economies and forestall a world financial collapse.

In conclusion, a world financial collapse is a extreme occasion that may have devastating penalties on the world’s economies and folks’s lives. It’s important for governments and worldwide organizations to take proactive measures to forestall it from occurring, similar to regulating monetary establishments, lowering debt ranges, and rising worldwide cooperation. By working collectively, we will help be certain that the world’s economies stay secure and sustainable, selling prosperity and a greater high quality of life for all.


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