Questions and Answers on Economic Suffering

Questions and Answers on Economic Suffering



One of the most prolific forms of Suffering one finds in the world today is that of Economic SUFFERING, either perceived or actual. And hopefully this discussion will lead to helping you find more contentment in your particular Economic situation by indicating to you e.g. How to Look for a Job, or How to Become Financially Independent.

Here again, only consider those questions that are pertinent to your life..And again, it might be helpful if these questions were reviewed by the participants a week before they’re discussed to see what is of interest to them. Math 6:24, Math 13:22, Eccl 5:10, Phil 4:19, Etc.


Questions on Economic Suffering

  1. Does increasing the supply of one´s money he1p in alleviating suffering?

  2. Is Gambling a Sin? What about the State Lottery, or Church Bingo?

  3. If one has lost a job, or needs one that is more lucrative or meaningful, how does one go about looking for a job? What about the Haldane approach where you can develop direct contact with the Corporate decision-makers? And what about becoming an Entrepreneur?

  4. Is or will there be enough work, with adequate remuneration, for all the people on this planet who are able to work now or in the future? If the answer is “No”, what can be done about it? If the answer is “Yes”, why is there so much unemployment around the world today?

  5. What can one do about World Hunger?

6.. What can one do about Illegal Immigration which is caused by so much Economic Suffering in other countries?

7.. How can you become Financially Independent?

  1. If you have a strong faith, does this guarantee great material wealth, if it’s your wish?

9..Is Money or the Love of Money the Root of all Evil? If neither, What is?

  1. What can one do about Poverty

  2. In a job, should you look for personal success such as in fame, money, power, or etc. or in social job significance? And whatever option you choose, how would you attain it?

  3. What part should the Federal or Local Governments play in Economic Suffering? What is the best type of Economy, Capitalistic or Socialistic?

  4. What part should the United Nations or International Institutions play in Economic Suffering?

14) What part should Charities or Churches play in Economic Suffering?


Answers on Economic Suffering

1- Increasing the supply of one’s money may provide some temporary relief in alleviating suffering, but it is not a long-term solution. Sustainable solutions require addressing the root causes of economic suffering, such as poverty, unemployment, and inequality.


2- Whether gambling is a sin or not is a matter of personal beliefs and values. However, it is important to recognize that gambling can lead to financial problems and contribute to economic suffering for individuals and communities.


3- When looking for a job, one can use a variety of approaches, including networking, online job boards, and recruitment agencies. The Haldane approach, which involves developing direct contact with corporate decision-makers, can be effective in some situations. Becoming an entrepreneur is another option that can provide greater autonomy and potentially higher earnings, but also carries risks.


4- It is unlikely that there will be enough work with adequate remuneration for all people on the planet. To address this, policies and programs that promote job creation, education and training, and social safety nets are needed.


5- World hunger can be addressed through a combination of policies and programs that promote sustainable agriculture, food security, and economic development.


6- Addressing economic suffering in other countries can help reduce the root causes of illegal immigration. This can include promoting economic growth and development, reducing poverty and inequality, and creating job opportunities.


7- Becoming financially independent requires a combination of saving, investing, and managing one’s finances wisely.


8- Having a strong faith does not guarantee great material wealth. Material wealth is not necessarily an indicator of spiritual or personal fulfillment.


9- Money is not inherently evil, but the love of money can lead to greed and unethical behavior. Other factors, such as power and control, can also contribute to negative behaviors.


10- Addressing poverty requires a comprehensive approach that includes policies and programs that promote economic growth, reduce inequality, and provide access to education and healthcare.


11- Personal success can be defined in many ways, and the choice between fame, money, power, and social significance is a personal one. Attaining success requires setting goals, developing skills, and taking action towards achieving those goals.


12- The role of government in addressing economic suffering can vary depending on the economic system and political context. A mixed economy that combines elements of capitalism and socialism may provide a balance between individual freedoms and social welfare.


13- The United Nations and international institutions can play a role in addressing economic suffering through policies and programs that promote economic development, reduce poverty and inequality, and provide humanitarian assistance.


14- Charities and churches can play a valuable role in addressing economic suffering through programs that provide direct assistance, such as food banks, job training, and financial counseling, as well as advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns.

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